Our Overland Journey – Mumbai to London & Back in our own car.

The Lifetime Journey

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A Lifetime Journey that tells the story of dreaming together in marriage, of seeing the world together, of reliving glorious moments of life in lands unseen.


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What is the Lifetime Journey?

The Lifetime Journey is an overland journey to be flagged off from Mumbai on May 20th. The Journey will take us to London through Central Asia, Europe and back to Mumbai in approximately 6 months. We, Louis & Janet – an Indian couple aged 61 and 55 respectively, are undertaking this overland discovery.

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The Two of Us.

Louis & Janet

The Lifetime Journey


e, Louis & Janet – an Indian couple aged 61 and 55 respectively, have decided to give up the rat race and a world ruled by consumerism for a life on the road less travelled. While Louis grew up in a village of Karnataka, Udupi, Janet grew up in Mumbai city. We first met in 1978 and got married in 1982. We have two children – our son, Lloyd aged 32 and daughter, Lynette aged 30 both well settled.

We have made several trips by road from Mumbai down South India, but never picked up courage to travel by road up North as there were lot of rumours of getting robbed, kidnapping, etc. But the desire to travel the world on road in our own car could not be resisted.  Thus, the Lifetime Journey of Louis &  Janet was conceived.

All these years we had extremely busy life with tremendously demanding jobs , bringing up children, settling them, in the early years.  Later on from 1999 we got busy with setting up the logistics business.  Life seemed to be very good after 2000, travelling to different parts of the world by flight two or three times a year until 2015 when we stumbled upon an article uploaded on facebook regarding a family of four who travelled for 111 days from Bangalore to Paris.  That was a turning point as we fell in love with the idea of travelling the world in our own car.  We contacted the Little Indian Family of Expolorers (L.I.F.E.) and took feedback from them and started with the research work for “The Lifetime Journey”. Not for a moment did either of  us hesitated or had second thoughts, nor did we see any obstacles. We did not take much time deciding to do it.  The overland buddies who had done this, were also excited about this journey of ours as we were planning to drive back home, unlike others who had shipped their car back home. After a few weeks of devouring all the information we could about the route, we took the gig. We couldn’t focus too much on it though, with a full time involvement in the business and travels in between.

When friends and family were informed about the plan of driving from Mumbai to London by car, quite a few considered us insane and had several questions – “Is it possible to drive through the continents”, “Isn’t it dangerous?” “Are you planning to travel through Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, is it safe”, etc. etc.  At the same time some of them were even excited about our plans and wanted to know more about the journey.  The world lived in fear, a destructive emotion largely stirred up on account of several uncertainties in various parts of the world.  But those fears of the outside world didn’t bother us; we were too excited about the journey.

We are planning “The Lifetime Journey” to be flagged off from Mumbai on May 20th to London through Central Asia, Europe and back to Mumbai covering more than 50,000 kms and more than 40 countries in approximately 6 months.  The mission of this journey is to rediscover ourselves together, explore those parts of the world that are less travelled and less known and educate ourselves and understand the social, cultural and humanitarian aspects of the several countries we visit during this journey.  To us it’s all about being in a place, not only to see it but also to feel it, hear it, taste its food and sniff its smells; to connect with people and share their lives. We hope our enthusiasm and focused target to live this journey would be an inspiration to all those dreaming and living the dreams together, no matter what the age and take the road less travelled.

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If our journey and the experiences we will share, motivate you to try out a similar road adventure, it would have made our day.

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