Day 134 – 30.09.16
Piran (Slovenia)

After driving for about 225 kms we entered the picturesque Piran, to know its rich history and culture, and listen to the stories of the people of Piran. The apartment booked was on a hill overlooking the sea.

Piran a town in southwestern Slovenia on the Gulf of Piran on the Adriatic Sea is one of the three major towns of Slovenian Istria. Piran’s proximity to the sea and the rich history, is mirrored in the architecture and draws magical scenes.

Since we were staying on the top, we had to walk down the slope to get to the old town. On our way we came across a wall and after paying an entrance fee of Euro 2 each we climbed the stairs of the wall. We also got to read the history of these walls. The first wall was built in the 7th century, separating the town into four streets, named for each entrance into the town: Miejska, Stolna, Osrednja and Poljska. From this wall we could see the old city on one side and the sea on the other.

We then came down to the square where some lovely cafes with people having beer, coffee and enjoying with family and friends. We managed to get some nice omelettes and coffee, after which we strolled around the place admiring the beauty of the place.

In Piran, we felt as though we have stepped right into a picture postcard. You will be charmed by the narrow streets within the old town wall. In the main square, we were greeted by the statue of the well-known Giuseppe Tartini, composer and virtuoso violinist who was born in a house just steps from the square. On the pier, fisherman were unravelling their fishing nets. Locals were sitting by the sea, chatting and listening to sounds of the sea, and greeted us. There were the Tartini theatre, coastal galleries, Maritime museum and Aquarium.

We walked through the cobbled stone narrow streets and compact houses. The locals speak Italian and Slovene languages. Then, we had a very delicious sea food meal in one of the lovely restaurants before we climb the steep hill to reach our apartment. We were tired and panting for breath when we saw a Taxi and he kindly agreed to drop us to our place.

It was a memorable evening spent in Piran.